Private Collector of Coins, Jewelry, & Gold




David Standt, a private collector and former Marcell resident, is in the Spring Lake/Marcell area this summer to do some fishing and work. 

He is looking to buy coins, jewelry, and gold to add to his collection.

Paying in cash, no checks. Will come to your home or any public place. Call him at any time for an appointment, question or quote. 

cell: (616) 843-1443



Seeking the following jewelry items:

  • Old pocket watches
  • Old wrist watches
  • Larger solitaire diamonds
  • Antique and vintage pieces


Also accepting the following items:

  • Old jewelry
  • Unwanted jewelry
  • Wedding rings
  • Chains
  • Sterling silver flatware
  • Class rings 
  • Platinum



Seeking the following types of coins:

  • Coins
  • Wheat pennies 
  • Indian head pennies
  • Silver dollars
  • Mercury dimes
  • US Gold Coins 
  • Complete or partial coin collections 


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16881 Lake Rd

(616) 843-1443

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